If Limits Didn’t Exist…

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It’s time to go back to the drawing board. We’ve talked about setbacks, increasing interaction with God, clothing and hair, at times workout plans and food-because if you look better you feel better. We’ve talked about cleaning and even relationships. Today, I just want to talk about our imaginations. 

As kids, we had amazing imaginations. We believed we could fly, we believed that we would run Image result for no limitcompanies , be an astronaut exploring strange worlds and in my case be professional cheerleader and an anchor woman who ran a famous fashion line. Maybe you wanted to be a lawyer, doctor or even the president. Whatever it was, we had vision. We might not have understood about the sacrifices it would take to position ourselves or the countless sacrifices but we saw ourselves successfully occupying those areas of influence. My question is how do we get back to that? I know that life and it’s cares-bills, children, spouses, societal pressures, pleasure, work, keeping up with relationships, traffic and disappointments of the past have all been culprits that have allowed doubt to run a muck and caused us to stop looking at the possibilities of our dreams. Forget looking many of us abandoned them all together. I believe those dry bones can still live; they are not only possible but extremely doable.

What you’ll need to start is:

About 5-10 mins of a day

Closed eyes

Open Heart

Notebook and pen/Recorder


Willingness to allow yourself to imagine


Now ask yourself, “If the limits didn’t exist in….?” Allow yourself to think and feel pexels-photo-269923whatever comes naturally and immediately cast out any comparisons or negative thoughts that may pop up. Don’t entertain them and don’t analyze it. Write it down, say it out loud, scream it if you have to whatever you do record it as soon as you can.

This may come out as a large scale (global or broad) dream. Again, avoid being motivated by fear to pick it apart with doubt, just let it be what it is. From that large picture, the goal is to find doable steps that you can take to make that larger goal reality. Depending on how you prefer to set it up, note your larger goal either in the front of your notebook or in the back of your notebook  on the last page as a header. As you continue to visualize, focus on what would need to happen to get you from where you are currently to get to that global status. This can still be pretty high level. Write those down as headers on as many sheets of paper that you need. Then take your time to then write down doable, more specific steps under each header. Don’t try to do this all in one day. Take a little at a time. Rushing through this can cause you to become overwhelmed. This should be fun, this should be you exploring all options for that one header, then stopping. Do this everyday until you have headers and steps under each. Check the steps off as you complete them. Don’t go out of order. This will allow your focus to be mismanaged. This will send a signal to your brain to skip difficult things. Do skip difficult things face them head on and if you have to write substeps under it to prove to yourself that you can do difficult things and don’t forget to reward yourself as you complete each page.

However, if what comes out of your visualization exercise is on a smaller, more specific scale; keep exploring using the previous visualization technique as far as you can. Take each of those steps and write them down. Make sure to leave the headers blank. Keep like action on the same pages and once you realize the action has changed begin to list those on different sheets of paper. Don’t try to do it all in one sitting but try the first one. List doable goals that will take you from where you currently are until you get to the goal at the top of the page. If it will help, you can start from the bottom of the page to see the progression. Once you get to the goal at the top of the page, try to sum up the actions on that page and note it as the header. Continue this action. Once completed, come up with a plan and begin, don’t forget reward yourself as you finish each page and keep going throughout the rest of the pages. This will serve as a map, a reminder and a journal all in one.

You can use this even if you did a vision board at the beginning of the year. Each picture on the board would serve as a heading and you would list doable steps for that one item per page. If you maintain steady action, your goals for the year will be completed in no time.

For example, I have a picture of a woman working out. I would write ‘Working Out’ at the top of my page as it is the desired goal. Obviously, being more specific may also provide better direction. So instead of ‘Working Out’ at the top of my page, maybe I can make it more quantitative to give the goal more direction. Therefore, it might now be ’15 pound weight loss’ at the top of my page.

Essentially, you are creating a timeline so if you were using this as a vision board of what you wanted to accomplish in a year, You could also create a smaller timelines within that time. You may keep it as broad or as specific as you like. A picture in the notebook might even be more slow-down-healthy-lifehelpful, if you are a visual person.

The trick to it is to be honest with yourself about the break down of the steps. If you know you aren’t going to get a trainer or go to the gym, don’t write that as a step but be mindful that you don’t have to do this exercise is for you to accomplish dreams not to keep you in your comfort zone. So you might want to consider a coach or a trainer if you aren’t typically self motivated to challenge you into greatness. However, if it’s more practical for you to walk up and down the steps in your home for 10 mins 3 times a day, start there and remember if you choose to do timelines be practical about that as well. Avoid rushing a timeline or allowing it to go on forever. Push yourself as motivation not to  break down from self applied pressure. That’s not what this is about. The last thing we need is another chore. This should break things down so that you can feel good about the manifestation of your desired goals.

The amazing thing about this is it can always be adjusted and broken down to even tinier pieces. For example, maybe you would need to use each of the pictures/goals as a separate notebook to focus on one at a time, opposed to each being on a sheet of paper in the same book. You could definitely do that too or maybe you would like to eventually get a trainer so maybe that gets its own page and you list steps about how you could incorporate a trainer into your routine. This can be as simple or complicated as you like but it is a roadmap to help many of us that get stuck at the “What’s next?” stage. This answers it with your own answers, curated through your vision not someone else’s process.

I hope you liked this. If you plan on using this idea, let me know and if you’ve used this type of brainstorming process before let me know about the results it yielded.


 Peace and Blessings, Beebz ❤


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