Weekly Prayer Project-Week 13: Worship

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I woke up feeling soooo good. It could be because I took the liberty to sleep an extra hour.  I woke up thinking about how blessed I am to be where I am in life. We can look at the things that may have gone south for so long that we don’t see what’s going right. I had this conversation with one of my best friend’s yesterday and I went down the line of what I looked at in the past that I thought was wrong and how today I see those very things as blessings but it’s all about perspective. I told him, “I could look around me and see that so many people have this, that or the other and I don’t have that and it could lead me to making decisions I’m not proud of…things that are outta my character because what would be the point of holding on if everyone is getting blessed without doing half of the things I do? But I’m grateful that my perspective has changed I breathe in and out and smile despite of the same circumstances because those things I thought I wanted can create boundaries but I’m free. God is good.”

*Update- 10/04/19-This wording is a little off so I’m gonna be transparent. I was talking to a friend about other people having spouses and me doing the right thing and STILL single. We discussed what they may have compromised and what they had to do to keep what may look like a blessing to me. With that knowledge, I was grateful that I was spared from the foolishness.

As I look at the featured image of this post I can see that. I can see how some people would want the accolades for the superstar instead of being on their face. I get people want to be celebrated and desired. Sure, you see the power and the money but we don’t know how much they give up, how much pressure they live with, how little peace they have, how they have to protect themselves or how lonely they can be. While I’m down on my knees relying on God to carry me, they have to carry themselves; it must be tiring.

So this week’s topic was about worship. What do you do to worship? Where do you find yourself on the ladder of worship evolution? Here’s the definition to help you.

1. the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.
“the worship of God”
synonyms: reverence, veneration, adoration, glorification, glory, exaltation; More
2. show reverence and adoration for (a deity); honor with religious rites.
“the Maya built jungle pyramids to worship their gods”
synonyms: revere, reverence, venerate, pay homage to, honor, adore, praise, pray to, glorify, exalt, extol; More
Sing to the Lord with grateful praise; make music to our God on the harp. -Psalm 147:7

I’ve always heard praise is thanking God for what He’s done and worship is thanking God for who He is. For me, I’ve always looked at it like I always want to be in praise because there’s always something that He’s doing for me but worship is intimate, it’s not looking at what’s in His hand. It’s more so trying to get at His heart. So who is He? He is Yeshua. He is the Christ; the Anointed One. He is ancient of days. He is He who was and is and is to come. He is the great I am. He is Alpha and Omega-first and last. He is the Creator. He is Almighty. He is my protector, provider, covering, confidant, healer, defender, judge. He is a fortress. He is holy and blameless. He is my intercessor. He gave His life so that I might live life abundantly. He is my savior and redeemer and for all that He deserves all praise, honor and glory.


So why do people typically raise their hands? It’s about vulnerability. It’s about fixating your mind on what’s above and being able to say “Lord, I can’t handle this or I’ve tried to handle it and I could focus on it but I choose you instead.” It’s a surrendering of the things that we’ve tried to hold on to. I also believe that this is a type of worship. Again, if my definition is correct and we worship Him for who He is, when we lift our hands we are saying that He’s trustworthy and that He can carry what we can’t.

In conclusion, I challenge each of us to take some time out to figure what worship might be for ourselves. It may be lifting your hands, it might be singing, meditating or just being still and reminding yourself who He’s been to you. In this season of Passover, find out.

 Beebz ❤

2 thoughts on “Weekly Prayer Project-Week 13: Worship

  1. Worship is to be out of mortality to be in the realm of imortality to give reveres to the supreme imortal…the creator of the universe… The I am that I am. One who was and is and is to come To judge the dead and the living. He is the Lord God of Hosts… Let all WORSHIP!…. Iseeeeeeeeeeey…as we bow

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