Brainstorming: Hebrew the First Love Language?

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I had a phenomenal idea this morning in the shower. I was trying to find an angle about why people would want to learn hebrew. It’s easy for me to say why I think it’s valuable because I can easily assess it since I’ve taken the time to learn it but as someone who hasn’t been exposed to it. From a marketing perspective, I have to be able to sell them on why it’s valuable. I know you are thinking why did she word it like that? Why would she try to “sell” it?

We are constantly being sold if you wanna replace “sold” with “convinced,” that’s cool. But throughout your day you are constantly being sold, whether it is to buy that Fashion Nova outfit you saw on Kylie or that car your friend has or on that series to watch or that house that’s for sell or your job or what social media account to subscribe to.

But seriously, why would that person wanna learn it? And then it came to me…It’s a love language!…and people love love. I realize that the most effective way to sell people on something is to find an emotional connection. I don’t want to sell you; well, I do but I don’t want to have to constantly sell you. I want you to want it, I want you to be so passionate about it that you seek it for yourself and you do that by showing people why they should be passionate about it. So why should they? because it’s truth that they don’t know yet and if I can connect truth with love then I’m going in the right direction.

Stop worrying about the wrong things. You are likely still bothered that I used the term “sold.” Stop worrying about trivial things. What you should be concerned about is not that it’s happening but what are you being sold, cause it’s gonna happen. I know that what I have to say is valuable, it’s helpful, it brings wisdom and if I can connect it to love…then what’s not to want. I can’t think of one thing people want more than love.

Years ago there was a book by Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages. So what I want to prove is that hebrew is the original love language. I will do this by explaining how hebrew is expressed through all 5 love languages. There’s actually a test to figure out your love language which is great because it can get my audience to interact with my theory. Check out the test to find out your love language if you aren’t sure what it is:

Did you do the test? What’s your love language? My highest ones were Quality Time and Acts of Service. I completely agree with this it’s not that I don’t value the others. I like gifts, words of affirmation and physical touch but it depends on who is doing it? I feel like that the one downfall to the test. It does ask if you are single or not so maybe that is the context but another thing is that I haven’t been in a relationship for a while so I think that has an impact on my answers as well. Ultimately, I prefer someone to want to spend time with me and care enough to help me when there’s a need. My thought was someone can talk a good game but if they aren’t there for me then I’m not feeling it; same with gifts and touch, if I’m not feeling you chances are I don’t want you to touch me and gifts mean nothing if good intentions aren’t behind it.

Image result

What I like about the test is that you learn about you but you also are equipped with tools to relate to others better. This particular graph shows how to relate to your spouse’s love language. For example, people frequently treat others in the love languages that they favor whether it’s the other person’s love language or not which causes miscommunication. However having this information can play greatly in our favor if we are intentional about treating the person well. So despite me valuing personal time, if my partner’s preference is words of affirmation, I can increase positive words which may cause him to want to spend more time with me. This gives the ability increase the quality of our relationship, if we use it. I know some people could argue that it’s manipulation but I think it more about being selfless. At the end of the day, it is what you make it. (To be continued…)

So I’m sure you guys thought that I would be posting a lot more this week but I’ve been doing a ton of studying. Although, I had to end up scrapping this idea because I was asked to make the concepts really simple. I do want to explore this more in my personal time because I didn’t have the chance to relate the two subjects and I think it will be interesting. So you may see what I find in a future post. This was just how a brainstorm. I look at it from a marketing perspective because I have a marketing degree and everything nowadays is based on marketing a product, service or thought. Anyway, hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Don’t forget to let me know about your love language below and how you like to be treated. Who knows your input may be captured in my research in the future.

 Beebz ❤

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