??? of the Week

Hey Peculiars 

Ok, I’m not sure why she looks so mad but they don’t have one without the expression so what the hey. Anyho, hope you guys had a great weekend and read more to continue to the Question of the Week.Watch the video and respond in the comments section below.


I know this is something new I’m trying so don’t be shy to leave your honest feedback. If you like this type of thing or if you don’t, let me know. I can do a million things on this blog but if you don’t enjoy it and aren’t engaged then I’m not doing something right. Do you like the video format? Would you prefer me to expand on the questions in the body of the post or in the video or do you just prefer that I only ask a question in video format and keep it moving? Again, let me know what you think in the comments section and I’ll definitely incorporate it. Also, if you would like for me to ask a question, please send your short video to wethepeculiars@gmail.com and you could possibly be featured on this blog. I appreciate and love you all.

Stay Peculiar.

Beebz ❤

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