Businesses to Look Out For: Milk & Honey Designs

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Today I wanted to highlight a small business that just so happens to be co-owned by my best friend, Tuere. I’m not being biased when I say this but I was so impressed with the packaging and the design of the shirt. My favorite features were the placement of the hearts and the silver glittery logo on the back of the shirt. (Not shown)


Once I opened the post office packaging, the shirt was wrapped in light pink tissue paper that smelled really good, the shirt was folded with a cardboard insert and also came with two business cards. I had no idea that she was even creating one for me but I received this in the mail and wanted to support her in anyway I could. So I thought it would be a great idea to give her an opportunity to not only get more brand recognition but to say something about her new endeavor.


Here’s what Tuere had to say:

Well, I guess it’s not life changing or rocket science…or maybe it is…lol. Although my full time job is to care for my family, I had a desire to contribute to my household monetarily. I had ideas for other things I wanted to pursue besides building a business based off of being a mom and a wife but this chose me. I was literally brainstorming about what my business should be for at least 6-9 months straight. I knew whatever it was it had to be something I was passionate about it and there was nothing I was more passionate about than my children and husband. So when I met a Stephanie, buying baby items on Facebook market, (she was the seller and I was the buyer) we instantly connected. We soon found that we had a lot in common. We lived in the same area and we both obviously, loved Facebook market. (It’s a great place to buy good stuff at fraction of the price.) We learned that we are both young wives and stay at home moms. We, each have three sons, like being crafty, wanted to get into business and loved to do DIY’s but hadn’t done it in awhile. So, when we got the idea, we realized that it could not only be profitable and represent our lifestyles but it could also give us access to a creative outlet again. The name, Milk & Honey, is a celebration of our differences and how our stronger, more important similarities brought us together in business. We are different races, Stephanie was raised in Germany and I in Maryland. She, represents the Milk and I, the Honey. Together, we make custom-make shirts, sweatshirts, decals, apparel and more. We are stay at home mamas that love to create! We are available for vendor events, craft fairs and for individual orders as well. So please be sure to stay connected to our Facebook group: Milk & Honey Designs. We are currently working on an Etsy page so join the group for updates. Please feel free to contact us at the company’s email: for inquiries, design questions, consultations, pricing and orders. I would like to give a big shout out to We, The Peculiars for this opportunity!

Please visit their Facebook page for more samples of their adorable offerings and contact them at the listed email address for all of your custom decal needs.
If you would like your business to be featured on this site please email me at
 Beebz ❤

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