Weekly Rundown: April 28-May 04, 2018

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It’s the freakin weekend!!I am so looking forward to this weekend. I have absolutely no plans. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna focus on cleaning or relaxing. I always try to do both and end up feeling like I’m still tired and the house is only half clean. One must suffer this weekend and I think it’s cleaning cause your girl is tied…Yep, I said Tide aka tired.

So we didn’t end up going to dinner on Friday and I didn’t end up meeting up with Ms. Debbie on Saturday morning, thank God. It was way too much on my plate. Saturday is when I got in most of my self care of the week and prepared for Saturday night.  I went to karaoke with my cousin to celebrate her 34th birthday (if you wanna know more check out this week’s OOTD) and then Sunday I went to LaRhonda’s house to celebrate Mari’s half birthday with the girls. As you can see the weekend was pretty full but fun.

This Week’s Assessment: April 28th to May 04th:

So this week, I give myself a B. I went ova my mom’s house a couple of times this week and didn’t get the things I needed to around the house accomplished so it kinda threw my week off. I also went to Daymond John’s (Shark Tank) business event on Tuesday. Needless to say, there was an investment required to work with him so I decided to take copious notes and skip the investment.

I did workout last Saturday and Monday. Two days were better than none in my book and Monday I hit 6k steps walking around Walmart with my mother. So I’m slowly getting there. I also took a bath and did a face and hair mask on Saturday. Omg, you guys, I also I got caught up in another show called Doctor Foster on Netflix. Let me know if you’ve watched it. I found out about it on Sunday and finished both seasons yesterday. I seriously have to do better.

I am also so happy with the content I’ve been producing on this blog lately. I’ve been posting everyday but it’s really quality content and I couldn’t be more proud. Last but not least, yesterday I got a phone call about an interview!! God is so good! It’s on Monday at 9:45 am so be praying for me. I already got it, in Jesus’ name but I’ll let you guys know what’s tea.

Next Week’s Goals:

My goal next week is to kill this interview! I also wanna go to sleep earlier so that I could actually wake up to do my werkouts. I was so into Doctor Foster that I was staying up all hours of the night. Now that I’m finished, I need to focus on me and you. I always want this blog to be better than the last week, day and even post before. If you have any ideas on how We, The Peculiars can be better, I’m open to it.

Let me know how you thought I did and if you think I deserved an B, maybe I deserve lower or perhaps, higher. I’d love some feedback so let’s get a convo popin in the comments section.

 Beebz ❤

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