??? of the Week

Hey Peculiars screenshot_20180510-093522_photos7862190154161224245.jpg

I hope all of you had a magnificent weekend and all who are Muvas…I hope you enjoyed your day immensely. So here’s today’s question…

This question stems from me getting slightly emotional yesterday. I must admit that I shed just a slight thug tear. I was thinking about my upcoming birthday and at 35, I thought that I would’ve done, seen, been and experienced so many places by now.

Most of the time, I am grateful and it wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful, because I am and it’s not that I was even looking at the glass half full it was more so about introspection and me dealing with the age old, expectation vs reality.

Also, I figured I’d share my Muva’s Day festivities with you guys.

Every year we celebrate over my cousin’s, Doree, house and this year was no different. We usually have brunch but this year it was slightly different, we spent the day sippin and paintin. I went a bit abstract with my landscape mug. Is Picasso quaking??? lol.

Anyway, as you may know, my Mom is in the purple and my Aunt is in the blue and those are my cousins behind her. We had so much fun. It’s always so many laughs when we all hook up.

Feel free to comment below about the question posed in the video or to just to fill me in about life or your Muva’s Day. I would love to know how it went.

 Beebz ❤

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