Weekly Rundown: May 12-May 18, 2018


I’m sorry this post is so late, I burned the tip of my finger trying to print out my lesson for tomorrow and it hurts really bad and it was hard to type but it’s somewhat numb now.

It’s about that time again. So this weekend I’m teaching and I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be. I’ve been studying but I haven’t found a way to connect the dots. Usually, it’s something I find that is super exciting for me but because I’m not talking about the current month I’m finding it hard to relate. I’m sure it’ll come together tonight. Am I the only one who works best at the last minute? I’m gonna take a bath and re read some resources; hopefully that gets somethings poppin.

The meetings usually last from 11 am to about 4 pm. I know it seems crazy long but we cover a lot of info and we eat almost a full blown dinner. After the meeting I’m going to Tuere’s house. Her twins are turning 2 soon and her “bonus” daughter’s prom is tomorrow night and I just haven’t seen them in awhile so I’m really excited.

Also last week I was nervous about Muva’s day. I didn’t think I was gonna be able to get my mom anything but God is good because I got her a really thoughtful gift. It was some Quay sunglasses because she just got contacts, Katie Spade perfume and lotion and an elephant necklace because she loves elephants. I thought it was cute.

This Week’s Assessment: May 12th to May 18th:

This week, I give myself a D. I didn’t keep up with doing my 5 musts because when my arm messed up it starting hurting really bad. I wasn’t sure if I dislocated or something else and I got really nervous because I thought I might have to go to the doctor to check it out and ole’ girl doesn’t have any insurance. Well, technically I do but I don’t wanna have to use it. So I said all that to say that I haven’t worked out but it is feeling better so hopefully next week I’ll start again. I have been writing the daily 3 things I’m grateful for and I’ve been doing good deeds as well but everything else fell off.

I haven’t heard back about the outcome of the interview which I expected since it’s a government position. My faith is in overdrive, I am grateful that I have an opportunity to put my actions where my mouth is in that I get to prove that I have faith when trouble comes, practice what you preach sorta thing, not just talking and suggesting for others but actually doing it.

This week, I came across some Youtube videos of Karrine Steffans and she said something that really caught my attention:

“Well, because I’m good at everything I do. So let’s be super honest here and I’m gonna be really frank and a little uncouth, I’m not gonna suck a 🍆, unless I do it great. I’m not gonna write a book unless I do it great. I’m not gonna cook a meal unless I do it…I’m not gonna touch anything unless I plan on doing it better than anyone else you’ve ever met in your entire life. That’s how I like to do things. That’s the energy I put forth in everything…I’d rather be super at it than mediocre.”-Karrine Steffans, Vlad TV Interview

I realize not only do I want that resolve and work ethic when it comes to the things I really want but before that. I wondered why I don’t talk about myself like that? Not only do I want to feel like I give a 300% to everything I do, I want other people to know it too; but most importantly I want to be able to express that without feeling guilty. I wanna say I’m the best and mean it and not feel like I’m shading anyone else. Everyone should feel that their the best at whatever they do; and yet for me, I’ll typically be their cheerleader but won’t cheer for myself. I talked about that in a post I did this week. Check that out here) I truly have to get out of that.

I also have been reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (click here to see the post) and what I’ve learned this week that stuck with me most is “thoughts become things.” Whether Karrine is the best or not, who knows but because she said she was the world, at least then, looked at her as the best, hence the nickname. So the question to myself has been where and how can I implement that into my life? Even Shameless Maya built a whole brand on self promotion so I know it’s important and I have identified that I need help with it. So here it goes, “I am the best Influencer ever. I do everything amazingly and others think so too. Everything I touch is pure gold because I am grounded, needed and honest. I attract great supporters and opportunities. My business is the answer that many people have been looking for and supplies all I need and want.” How is that for a mantra?

Next Week’s Goals:

I didn’t publicize that I wanted to push myself to see if I could post every weekday for the month of May and so far so good. I’m excited about it because it’s not just content I’m throwing up just to make the timeline, it’s actually quality content. So I’m really excited about that.

Just like every week my goal is to do the 5 musts.

I also want to begin to put the effort I was talking about above into everything I do.

Let me know how you thought I did and if you think I deserved a D, maybe I deserve lower or perhaps, higher. I’d love some feedback so let’s get a convo popin in the comments section.

Beebz ❤

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