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Here’s the most important question of all. So here it is:

I am in love with love. It’s the one thing that has slipped through my fingers. I’ve had situations but never reciprocal, uninhibited, unconditional love.

This weekend I taught on the Hebrew letter Chet. Technically, Chet is associated with next month, Tammuz, but we were doing a review in which I had to discuss the letters associated with the tribes on the southside of the Tabernacle (Reuben, Simeon, Gad). (Check out this post, if you are interested in learning about my previous teaching here, I will be posting the southside teaching soon) Chet  (Reuben) equals the number 8 which symbolizes new beginnings and when you turn it on its side it’s an infinity symbol. While watching the second season (7th episode to be exact) of 13 Reasons Why there was a conversation between Hannah and Clay and they talked about infinity:

Infinity…it’s funny how we have a word for that concept but there’s no way we can understand it. It may be love. Love? Maybe love is how you understand infinity, when your love has no limits and it goes on forever…maybe that feels like infinity. -13 Reasons Why, S2:E7 “The Third Polaroid”

Do you agree? I personally do. I think love is so complex that we really don’t understand the full depth and reach it can have on this world. I don’t agree that it sheds light on infinity. I think true love is infinite. Who can measure it but God? You can fall deep, it has the power to burn and consume and yet heal. It makes everything better and light. You smile at the thought of it and long for it when you don’t have it. It’s a description of God who is infinite. It can run wild, it can overflow and yet it can run thin and even deplete. Love is not a answer, it’s the answer. It’s forgiving and sacrificing and receiving. It’s beautiful.

What do you think of it?

  • I don’t own the rights to any of this…besides my opinion.

 Beebz ❤

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