Hey Boos

Hey Peculiarsscreenshot_20180510-093522_photos7862190154161224245.jpg

I know you guys are like “Show me the flamingo so I know its real.” It’s really me. I’ve missed you all so much. As you may or may not know, I just started a new job and I’ve been working to get acclimated. I didn’t mean to abandon you guys. We have so much to talk about…

First of all, how are you? What’s been going on with you guys?

Honestly, I really haven’t been doing anything amazing besides work. It’s my number one priority. I wanna be like a sponge and soak up all the knowledge I can. Unfortunately, the day I started was the same day that the previous person was leaving so I haven’t had much training but what I can say is that everyone has been super helpful in teaching me as I go. The people have been amazing.

Other than that, I’ve still been talking to The Crush aka Best Friend everyday. We even hung out at my house. I know antennas went up after that last sentence. Not to worry, he was a perfect gentleman. So since I’m talking about guys, let’s just put it out there…I’ve been feeling antsy lately. Outta nowhere I suddenly want to start dating again, not necessarily Best Friend (he has a lot on his plate), but just going on dates. I think I’m ready to get back out there but it’s been so long and it’s kinda intimidating.

Of course for years, I’ve had a crush on him and I would welcome dating him but he’s already told me that his focus is his daughter and getting his own place. If I haven’t learned any other lessons from guys, the one I mastered is to listen when they tell you something. Don’t think your love is gonna change their minds. Plus I don’t wanna manipulate someone into wanting me. I want someone to wanna be the first and last person I talk to in my days. So therefore, I have to get over my nerves and put my intention out into the universe, I suppose. Well that’s enough about that.

If you have any ideas about how to get “out there” again, let me know in the comments section.

I love you all so much and I’ll talk to you soon.

wp-15313153289195132575066474399969.png Beebz ❤



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