What I Learned: Seasons of Singleness

Hey Guys screenshot_20180510-093522_photos7862190154161224245.jpg

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I had sooo much fun. Friday, I got my hair braided. I’ve been wanting cornrows for a couple of weeks so I got them and then Saturday I went to a birthday party cookout but it was really nice. They had a band and hookah. It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. I went to church on Sunday and my friend’s grandmother’s 98th birthday. It was a great time celebrating life but what I really wanted to talk to you all about was last week’s #PrayForYourFutureSpouseChallenge.

OMG!! (not to use God’s name in vain) It was amazing. So when you sign up they invite you to also sign up for a Facebook group to connect with others in the challenge. Every morning there was an email with prayer topics and a link to the morning sessions and you’d also get another email later on to the evening classes. The speakers were phenomenal, very genuine and super transparent.

We prayed about the history our future partner has with God, their relationship with Him and why relationships fail. What I found was that this ended up being a personal spiritual awakening. It clearly showed me, “Brittany, work on you before we add a third person to this union, let’s strengthen what’s here.” So I’m sure you’re wondering if I even prayed for my future spouse. I did, but not as much as I thought I would. More than anything, I prayed for my relationship with God. I apologized and asked for forgiveness.

I received a breakthrough and what’s interesting about it is that it didn’t come directly from what any of the speakers had said or prayed but as a result of it. Let me explain…After pondering on what was shared I got a revelation.

As a child, my favorite season was summer and my dream was to move to LA. I don’t know why LA. I’ve never been but always wanted to live there, which is weird. I’m not sure why Florida didn’t do it for me, maybe because I associated it with retirement and LA with the young, cool and glamorous but for whatever reason it was LA for me.  I’m sure it also had something to do with summer-like days all year long. I remember my mom would get on me because I could wear sweatpants in the summer and she would tell that just looking at me made her hot. Now at 35, I don’t have a favorite season. I suppose that’s why I still live on the East Coast.

The point I’m making is that in my youth I preferred one season over the other and not to go hard on preference but now no season is better than the other. I appreciate each season for it’s unique characteristics, spring has new life and full of activity, summer has longer days, warm weather, and more outdoor activities. Fall brings sweater weather, rich colors of leaves and visible transition and Winter, bundled up, fireplace huddles with hot coco and hibernation. I realized I like change. I don’t want only sunny days. If I don’t have the rain that spring brings, I don’t appreciate the flowers that bloom in the summer. If I don’t experience the death that winter brings, how can I expect the revival of spring? Even now, as I type this on August 22, 2018 I’m watching the leaves change colors and fall from the trees and I think it’s a beautiful transition but I never felt that way about the seasons of my life.

Right now, I am in my single season. Why don’t I appreciate that as much as I do the seasons in nature? and it occurred to me that because there hasn’t been much change just like when I was a kid, always wanting the summer days. I find that those summer days can be stagnant, boring and I can take them for granted but in the extreme cold, it’s paradise. So in my single season, I must remember that this is paradise and that I should enjoy it. My number one priority is growth-tearing down the not so good, replacing it with something better and nurturing the good.

Have you ever done a challenge like the one I did? What was your experience? Would you do it again?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you lovely people later.

Beebz ❤

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