Association from Hell…

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Let’s talk! So, I’m not sure if I already told you guys but I’ve recently became apart of our newly founded Alumni Association. If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I always post about Homecoming and that was about it. Well, now we’re committing ourselves to be more involved in the school, with the students, events, support as role models and even to come together as fellow alumni. I have been so preoccupied with that and Homecoming that I haven’t had time for much else and….I’m overwhelmed.

I was soooo excited about it. In fact, it wasn’t my idea to join in the first place. Sabrina asked me if I was going. I obliged and ended up walking away with the Secretary title…one I really didn’t want but since there was a serious lack of participation, everyone who showed up pretty much got a position.

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I was cool with it because I love my school and I wanted to show up for it. As Homecoming started approaching, I noticed that no one was really stepping up with advertising or participation. (Mind you, there were words exchanged because people so called wanted positions once others had one) so I filled the void…no one had to ask. I started doing flyers and making promo videos. I get that this is completely volunteer and everyone has a life outside of this but I just want everyone to pull their weight because I can’t continue to dedicate my Saturdays to the games, creating content, secure the venue for the pre-party, take notes for the meetings, donate to the Association, donate for the cookout and have a life, job and take care of myself. So, I told…yep, I didn’t ask…I told a couple of the other people to secure the venue. I’m tired and it’s kind of turning me off but I really want to be selfless because it’s bigger than me. It’s really an effort to support the kids.

This was me at the beginning of the week and now at the end of the week, I’m still  over it but I’m determined to take some time for myself this weekend in hopes to renew my enthusiasm. Plus I went to my company’s picnic this week. It helped being away and I bought two wigs so in a way I’m leaning to the right direction. How was your week?

 Beebz ❤

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