Let It Go…

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Today I just wanted to share my heart with you.  Read More



Issa Birthday #OOTD

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So I previously wore my original birthday shirt in the OOTD post before this (you can see that here) but I thought this would be a great replacement. Read More

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I miss you sooooo much!!! I took a little break to celebrate my birthday, which was on the 18th. Read More


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I hope you all are enjoying your week so far. I really liked this outfit and wanted to share it. Read More

She Designed a Life She Loved…with Your Help

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I need your help. Initially, I wasn’t going to do a post on this. I did a very raw video and didn’t upload it but I wanna be real with you guys so I’m deciding to share. (Disclaimer-This has nothing to do with money) Read More

Uninvited: Chapter 12: The Enemy’s Plan Against You

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We are almost finished with this book!! How have you guys liked the chapter reviews so far? Has it helped you all? If you guys have any suggestions about books for me to review next let me know, otherwise, I’ll pick a book from the stack I’ve been meaning to tackle. Read More


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Sunday edition in full effect! Here’s my outfit I wore to service yesterday. Read More