I legit feel like this before every post:

lololol…just jokes, guys 🙂

To Whom Much Is Given…Part 1

Hey Peculiars!!

I hope you guys are doing well and your weekend was relaxing. I’ve really enjoyed blogging so far. So I thought I would share what’s been going on with me.

Tuesday, November 1st, I had the honor of representing Jubilee (the congregation I belong to), myself and more importantly God. I was asked to teach and I’m going to be honest, when I first got the call I thought I was being Punk’d. Read More

I Might Not Color In The Lines But My Intentions Are Good…

What’s up, Peculiars?

Now that you know a little more about me, please subscribe so that we can connect.🤗

If you read the About Me page and the Tag, You’re It!! post, then you know that I initially started this project as a self development site in which I wanted to find my purpose and track my progress. There were several areas I was interested in which all had to do with my creativity…fashion, home decor, art, make up, etc. I also wanted to use this as a launching pad to explore other interests such as travel and photography, to name a few. Read More

Tag, You’re It!!

What’s up, Peculiars?

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already making my second post!! I figured this would be a good point for you to learn more about me. I can’t expect you to want to go on a journey with someone you hardly know, right? So here it goes…

  1. Name? Brittany Boone
  2. Inspiration? God, Art, Make Up, Fashion, Nature, etc.
  3. Zodiac Sign? I’m on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. I’m technically a Gemini but I’m more like a Cancer according to those around me
  4. Married? Single, for right now at least 😉 Read More


Have you ever been in a room with friends that you haven’t seen in a while and everyone is catching up, and then it’s your turn…and you realize…I have no updates, no new job, promotions, vacations or boyfriends… Read More