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So you guys know I turned 35 on Monday, June 18th. Read More


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So today is May 2nd and in honor of one of my favorite people whose birthday is today Read More

Holiday Party Realness…

Yo Guys,

I definitely missed Friday’s post, my bad but I did do two on Thursday. I miss you guys so much tho. So we have plenty to talk about, I had a extremely busy weekend. I could do a couple of outfit of the days, a couple of hauls from the rest of my Black Friday purchases,  a Sunday Sermon, more Clean with Me’s and possibly even a Get Ready with Me (makeup edition, if it loads) for ya.  Read More

What I Did With My Saturday: STEM Event

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How are you guys? I pray that you are having an amazing day and an even better week. Today I feel great. I have been meditating on living in the NOW moment. The future is a fairy tale until I reach it and the past has passed  so no need to worry.

Right now, I’m at home getting ready to go to work. I have to run errands for our STEM event at the center on Wednesday night. If you are unfamiliar, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This is a huge hands on initiative nationwide to meet the need of an ever changing technological climate. Read More

My Weekend of Living Loved…

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Last week was tough for me so it’s weird that the title of this post is about living loved because I didn’t feel the love. In fact, after being sick for almost 2 weeks straight, I was exhausted. Read More

!!!Praise Report!!!

What’s Up!!

When I began this blog I just wanted to share a piece of myself in order to find my purpose so I began the work. Actually starting the blog wasn’t hard at all, pick your theme and pay money. The hard part began when I had to figure out what to fill the template with.  Read More

Weekend Recap…

Hey Peculiars,

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy but fun. I am so grateful. If you’re wondering what could be so great after you didn’t get the job…keep reading. Read More