Hebraic Roots

Hey You Guuuyyyyssss!

I thought the picture above was sooo prolific. “When will you return?”

Some of you may know that I use to teach the Hebrew Alphabet at my church on the monthly basis during these meetings called Rosh Chodesh, which means ‘Head of the Month.’ These meetings are basically a run down of what to expect in the upcoming month.

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Why Are We Trying to Get Rid of Dust?

Hey Peculiars…

So excited to be here again. It’s been a really busy week. A couple of weekends ago was my High School’s Homecoming. As some of you may know, I am apart of the Alumni Association. We did our annual Tailgate and it was successful. There were a couple of hiccups but none that we didn’t handle.

This week, I had really interesting conversations about relationships and how men deal with conflict and what God can do with dust. Our perspectives are interesting; how they work with life, the atmosphere and everyone else.

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