#Blog Elul: Elul 27-Bless

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So today’s word is Bless. Have you ever thought you knew about a word until you had to define it? That’s this word and it could be because it’s one of those overused words that has long since lost its meaning. It’s not rare to hear someone say they are blessed but it seems that it’s only used as a term to describe financial stability. Read More

#Blog Elul:Elul 21-Love

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So today’s word is love. When I initially saw that this was in the list, I thought “piece of cake, I got this.” Boy was I wrong, I never want to take a dump on a post (I know your mental picture is going to some crazy places) ūüí©¬† and serve it up and call it a masterpiece¬† Read More

#Blog Elul: Elul 20-Fill

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How are you all doing? I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has realized how awesome it is to be ‘Peculiar’ by subscribing to this part of the internet. Thank you so much! You don’t know how much it means that I’m able to really say what’s on my heart, no holds barred and it resonated with you somehow. I pray that this blog increases you tremendously and that you will feel led to interact. I created this to be a community, to be a support system for those who were trying to find their way to abundance, whatever that means for you. What you have to say is so important and can be the key to unlocking someone else’s destiny. Now on to today’s word… Read More

#Blog Elul: Elul 19-Speak

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So today I’m going to insert a video and music because I want you to hear. It’s cool to speak but it’s purpose is to hear, even if no one else hears you or is affected, did you know that you are? Your words/thoughts don’t fall of deaf ears because it is adsorbed by the rest of your body and the atmosphere. Read More

#Blog Elul: Elul 18-Ask

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Do you have a problem with asking for what you want? I didn’t always ask for what I wanted because when I did it got me in trouble. I once asked a guy I was seeing for better communication and I didn’t hear from him in two weeks. LOL..Needless to say, when he came back I told him to go back where he came from.¬† Read More

#Blog Elul: Elul 16-Pray

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I wanted to upload video sharing my experience during prayer time yesterday but it wouldn’t upload. I finally got it to work today and of course I have a music video to accompany it because I’m a dork like that. ūüôā Read More

#BlogElul: Elul 9-See

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I apologize for missing my posting for the last couple of days. Today is my make up day and I’ve decided to lock myself in the house to play catch up. I had to attend a mandatory meeting for job preparation on Thursday and Friday was crazy at work. The day before a holiday weekend is always either mad chill or crazy hectic, this was definitely the latter.

This week has been full of great experiences which has kept me super busy. I have to tell you guys about that in another post because I really need to stay on topic. Thursday’s word was…See. Read More

#BlogElul: Elul 8- Hear

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Our word for today is hear. So my first thought is this is a gateway. The ear is a receiver, as information is funneled in, it gets processed by the brain and I believe travels to the heart (obviously that’s not scientific) but I based it on …for out the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, that’s actually Bible. (Matthew 12:34) We all need to do better protecting our gateways. When we put foolishness in, we often get foolishness out.¬† Read More

#BlogElul: Elul 7-Understand

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Today we are talking about understanding. I couldn’t do it without post adding Xscape’s song Understanding. I know it’s corny but you already know how I roll; Imma complete and utter cornball.

Read More

Hebrew Month: Elul

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I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. Mine was really good. Friday, I was invited to my supervisor’s house for a get together and she had a live band and my favorite food. We danced and danced. I had a ball. Saturday, was our monthly meeting called Rosh Chodesh, which means head of the month in Hebrew. This month is Elul and it spans from August to September. Read More