Weekly Prayer Project-Week 3: Nothing Is Impossible

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How did you guys like last week’s topic, Don’t Worry? I don’t know about you but it really ministered to me. I kept pondering on it all week. Read More

Sunday’s Sermon

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I wanted to share with you some of my notes from Sunday’s service. Primarily because people can tell you that the message was good but when you ask what it was about it a lot of times they can’t remember. On the flip side of that, other people may not attend a congregational meeting and are missing vital information. So I figured, I could give you the best of both worlds. Come to think of it, I should really start sharing the message from Sunday’s service more often. Read More

My Weekend of Living Loved…

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Last week was tough for me so it’s weird that the title of this post is about living loved because I didn’t feel the love. In fact, after being sick for almost 2 weeks straight, I was exhausted. Read More

How’s Your Love Looking?

Hey Peculiars!

How are you guys doing? How was  your weekend? Are you guys excited about Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? Let’s have a discussion; please feel free to start one in the comments section. Read More


Have you ever been in a room with friends that you haven’t seen in a while and everyone is catching up, and then it’s your turn…and you realize…I have no updates, no new job, promotions, vacations or boyfriends… Read More