#BlogElul: Elul 14-Learn

Hey Guys Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

When I realized ‘Learn’ was coming up in the series I automatically thought ‘Hidden Figures.’ The point of using this amazing art work by Hidden Artists is that these women were geniuses and genius has no color.  Read More

Tag, You’re It!!

What’s up, Peculiars?

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already making my second post!! I figured this would be a good point for you to learn more about me. I can’t expect you to want to go on a journey with someone you hardly know, right? So here it goes…

  1. Name? Brittany Boone
  2. Inspiration? God, Art, Make Up, Fashion, Nature, etc.
  3. Zodiac Sign? I’m on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. I’m technically a Gemini but I’m more like a Cancer according to those around me
  4. Married? Single, for right now at least 😉 Read More