Weekly Prayer Project-Week 9: Child of God

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So this is the post I missed a minute ago but I didn’t know which angle I wanted to discuss. Read More

#BlogElul: Elul 11-Trust

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I must admit that I have so much work to catch up on but I’ve been procrastinating all day on this one topic. I think it’s because we already know how important trust is to any relationship, not just marriage. Read More

Relationship Resumes

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So today I wanted to talk about “Relationship Resumes.” It’s a term I dubbed when I was in a phase of my life where I thought I needed to explain all of my good characteristics. Everyone has one. Read More

How’s Your Love Looking?

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How are you guys doing? How was  your weekend? Are you guys excited about Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? Let’s have a discussion; please feel free to start one in the comments section. Read More

Uninvited: Chapter 2: 3 Questions We Must Consider

Hey Guys, How are ya?

Chapter 1 was intense, huh? Trust, Chapter 2 is even more of a humdinger. So much so, that I was sobbing uncontrollably 2 pages in…I didn’t know we would go so deep so early…

*Disclaimer- I am in no way attempting to be messy, air anyone’s dirty laundry or to be intrusive but this is my platform and I’m responsible for my healing. This is my truth, from my perspective which means it isn’t debatable. I’m not playing the blame game. I’m grateful for my path. I’m grateful, it didn’t destroy me but this will no longer be swept under the rug. I will be healed, I will be whole and able to function properly in other relationships. The End. Please continue for the rest of the blog.

Thanks, Management Read More

Uninvited: Chapter 1: I’d Rather Ignore Honesty

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I’ve been legit dying to share this book with you guys. Uninvited is such an easy read but so thought provoking at the same time. So much so, that I had to walk away from it and just ponder for a few hours. And I was only on the 7th page! Read More