#Blog Elul: Elul 19-Speak

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So today I’m going to insert a video and music because I want you to hear. It’s cool to speak but it’s purpose is to hear, even if no one else hears you or is affected, did you know that you are? Your words/thoughts don’t fall of deaf ears because it is adsorbed by the rest of your body and the atmosphere. Read More

This is my HUNDREDTH post!!!

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OMG!!! The day my full time job ends, I hit 100 posts and nearly a 100 on Instagram!! I’m so grateful to be in this place. It’s so fitting to hit this monumental achievement when another one ends. As God closes one chapter, He literally opens another. Read More

Interview Ready

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you guys know that my interview was moved up from 2pm to 1:30pm. Up until this point, I’ve been completely cool, calm and collected. Now, I’m a little anxious but I think that some adrenaline is good. I’m still super excited though, so to burn some of this energy, I thought I’d do an Outfit of the Interview (OOTI)



Gotta love Snapchat for adding the sparkle to my bathroom pic!! So my outfit, is a tan and black dress with a small keyhole in the front. Both, the cardigan and dress, I got from Target a couple of years ago and paired it with a skinny black belt.  I got the tan, suede Nine West heels with the bow detail from TJ Maxx last year and my purse is from Zara. I went simple and natural with my make up, hair and jewelry.

I hope you liked this post or posts like these. If you do, let me know in the comments section and I’ll definitely do more. I love you guys and I’ll come back later and let you know how the interview went.

Beebz ❤