Weekly Prayer Project- Week 4: Up To God

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This was the one I missed from last week. Please forgive me for that. I meant to make it up over the weekend but had a very busy one. Read More


#Blog Elul: Elul 29-Return

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So it’s the last entry for the Elul challenge and today’s word is Return. There’s a Hebrew word called Teshuvah. Tesh-u-vah is repentance and literally means to return; meaning if you’re going in the direction of sin, you immediately turn and go the opposite way; as if you suddenly got some type of revelation that would cause you to stop in your tracks. Read More

#BlogElul: Elul 13-Remember

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So there’s a concept I want to discuss in this post but first, let’s all get on the same page. In my mind, if you need to remember something then there was something there to forget in the first place. Read More