19 Days of Thankfulness…Day 19

Wow, day 19!!  We are at the end of our journey but not at the end of being grateful. I did this to show myself that I could replace complaints with positivity. Thank you for coming along with me to explore.

Today I’m grateful for… Read More

19 Days of Thankfulness…Day 17

What’s Up Guys!!

Day 17!! Can you guys believe that I’ve been able to post everyday? I am so happy I pushed myself to do this. I’ve been told, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” So I speak consistency and passion to every area of my life. May this blog be the access point to those blessings. So today, I’m thankful for… Read More

19 Days of Thankfulness…Day 14

Hello Peculiars,

How was your weekend? My weekend was very interesting. I spent all Saturday in the house due to Friday’s icy rain. For so long I told myself that if I had the chance to spend the day in the house that I would do all of this cleaning but I ended up vegging out, straight up, Netflix and Chillin without the chill partner. I vegged out so much that my binge watching caused me to stay up all hours of the night and what was supposed to be restful began to rob me of my rest. “Hello, my name is Brittany and I’m an Overindulger….

Anyway, I ended watching this movie called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and I have to say it left me unable to sleep. In an effort to not give away the movie, I will simply say that in the end you question where your emotion is directed and somehow I’ve internalize those questions. So today, I’m thankful for… Read More

19 Days of Thankfulness…Day 10

Okay, ordinarily I would hop right into it but it’s day 10! So far I’ve been thankful for Perspective, No competition, Strength, Family, Transparency, R&R, Revelation about I am, Shelter and Health. OMG! Okay, without further delaying it…Today I’m thankful for… Read More